Meet the Composer: John Maxwell Tayor

Dear Lover of Music and Truth,

I am so glad you have chosen to learn more about Christos Politico: The Battle to Save Western Civilization. It is my belief that music and words, combined in the right way, can provide healing energy and insight into the human condition in times of political crisis.

We live in a time where evil, masquerading as good, seeks to undermine our belief in ourselves, our countries, our sense of right and wrong, even God. If we are going to put a stop to these disruptive world views, currently being forced upon us by the media, failing politicians, and our educational and entertainment systems, we need new stories that can shine the light of truth upon our souls.

That is why I have spent the last four years creating “Christos Politico” as a vehicle not only to entertain but to enlighten and, at times, enable us to laugh at the dark forces that are seeking to overthrow all that is good in every nation’s cultural tradition, religion, and history. After all, the best way to laugh at the machinations of evil is to see how ridiculous they are and how they are ultimately destined to fail.

So I invite you to listen to this song of my soul, “Christos Politico”…an Oratorio for 21st century lovers of truth.