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Crazy Wisdom Review

CRAZY WISDOM: The Life and Legend of Gurdjieff
Music Review by Dr. Maryel Mckinley

When I saw John Maxwell Taylor perform his critically acclaimed one-man-play “Forever Jung,” based on the life of Carl Jung, I knew I had run across a genius; yet this did not prepare me for the absolutely brilliant musical Taylor composed and wrote called CRAZY WISDOM.
Based on the life and esoteric teachings of Gurdjieff – and one of his beloved followers Ouspenski – Taylor has amazingly portrayed the essence of Gurdjieff’s mystical teaching in the form of an outstanding Broadway-type musical.

This 2-CD package, with an Enneagram on the cover, is complete with synopsis and lyrics for each piece. Taylor takes the listener back in time to St. Petersburg 1915 when eastern philosopher Ouspenski met the legendary Gurdjieff who had (and still has) many followers that he was teaching to become conscious and awake through what he called “the work.”

This current work of Taylor’s accurately captures “the work” in a clever eye-opening way that will thrill those familiar with the teachings of Gurdjieff as well as an innovative way to introduce “the work” to fresh seekers of this mystical philosophy. I applaud Taylor for accomplishing the seemingly impossible with this CD. Finally you may be asking, “What is the basis of the teachings of Gurdjieff?” Buy the CD and wake up to the revolutionary experience yourself!