Amusing the Muse – 2 CD Album


“I am thrilled to be releasing this album which was inspired by and is dedicated to my wonderful wife and muse Emily.  As a teenager she used to fantasize about how great it would  be to have someone write a song for her.  Well, here is not one but thirty two songs!

 They would never have been written if I had not met her and embarked on a relationship and a marriage way beyond  anything  either of us dreamed was possible in terms of happiness and  personal fulfillment. The joy that we feel and experience together every day has flooded my creative banks of inspiration to capacity, and this has produced the songs on this album. I have called it “Amusing the Muse” because when I originally started writing the songs, Emily had only heard me sing and perform old material, written prior to meeting her, I don’t think she really knew  what I was capable of as an artist. Neither did I until I met her.

Although there are several love songs on the album, others cover a wide range of topics loaded with often humorous insights about life on our planet at this critical time in history and what we can do make things better for it and for ourselves. Emily and I are so happy to be able to share these   offspring of our love with you through this recording.” — John Maxwell Taylor, Dec. 2012