The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness

Award-winning actor and playwright John Maxwell Taylor builds on the success of his previous book, The Power of I Am, in this eloquent call to awaken from our collective trance and to claim the transformative power and happiness that is our birthright. Drawing on his forty years’ experience in spiritual self-transformation, Taylor offers a potent array of practical tools, stories, and life lessons that help us reorder the events in our lives, the way people respond to us, and the impact we have on the world. The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness shows us how to master ourselves so that we can harness the energy of higher power to surmount the chaos of the modern world and provides strategies for “sociological aikido” that allow us to deal effectively with negative people, narcissists, and egotists. Informed by Taylor’s incredibly varied background—from European pop star, to student of Paramahansa Yogananda, Gurdjieff, and Mantak Chia, to resident at the pioneering Findhorn Community, to playing Carl Jung on stage for many years—this book demonstrates how, by understanding the powers active in creation, we can become instruments through which higher power continually flows to advance our evolution toward consciousness. In doing so, we not only transform ourselves, we become powerful agents for changing the world.

“The clarity and wisdom from which John Maxwell Taylor communicates is stunning. He gives us the formula for tapping into higher realms of our consciousness to generate self-mastery. This powerful read will changes your life for the better if you apply its precepts.” –Ken D. Foster, author of Ask and You Will Succeed

“Save yourself years of floundering in the spiritual maze and drink deeply from this modern day wisdom master and the classic he has gifted us with.” –Satyen Raja, founder of WarriorSage Trainings

“A multi-layered resounding success.” –Radmila Moacanin, PhD, author of Jung’s Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism

“Weaving lessons learned from his own life, the words and works of great teachers, and simple practices that connect the ego and the soul, John Maxwell Taylor is a wise and entertaining tour guide.” –Steve Bhaerman, coauthor (with Bruce Lipton) of Spontaneous Evolution : Our Positive Future

The Power of I Am

John Maxwell Taylor, who has written two musicals and dozens of songs for top recording artists, has a new book that is winning acclaim and endorsements by leading teachers of the 21st Century. Synopsis: Fear, anger, anxiety, negativity, rudeness, information overload — the stressors of modern life can make just getting through the day a daunting task. Since 1985, John Maxwell Taylor has been moving through the collective madness with joy, spirit, and strength. The Power of I Am invites the reader to join him on this journey. Combining principles from martial arts, mindfulness, body-centered awareness, and spiritual and scientific disciplines, this engaging mix of practical tools, stories, and life lessons teaches personal empowerment through gaining inner strength in social situations and dealing effectively with negative people. The author uses real-world experiences to show readers how to stop being drained by “energy vampires,” how to defuse conflict by boosting energy levels when trouble comes, how to eliminate stage fright and other social anxieties, how to increase personal magnetism and sense of self, and how to tap the existing, but often dormant, power of the mind for personal transformation. “…highly entertaining and a rattling good read.”PETER A. LEVINE, Ph.D., author of Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma and Healing Trauma: A Pioneering Program for Restoring the Wisdom of Your Body

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Eros Ascending

The quest for lasting love is one of life’s essential pursuits, in some ways the most essential. But it’s also a quest that’s impossible to separate from spiritual and sexual needs. In Eros Ascending, author John Maxwell Taylor offers a wide-ranging study of sexual dysfunction in society and explains how healthy sexuality can be an entryway to universal love and higher consciousness. Based on Taylor’s twenty-three-year experience with Taoist practices, the book presents an engaging analysis of love, relationships, and sexuality from spiritual, romantic, and sexual perspectives. Taylor melds essential ideas by Jung, Gurdjieff, and Taoist Master Mantak Chia with science, biology, spiritual tradition, and current popular culture to shed new light on this eternal yet misunderstood subject. Not just for couples, the book is equally useful for single people who want to understand the methods for “learning to love yourself ” in preparation for a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Taylor draws on his eclectic background as a successful playwright, composer, actor, and musician in this persuasive plan for converting ordinary sexual energy into food for the soul.

Eros Ascending” is going to take you on an amazing journey toward the future of love in the Western world.” — From the Foreword by Linda E. Savage, PhD, author of Reclaiming Goddess Sexuality : The Power of the Feminine Way

“Taylor is an erotic visionary after my own heart. Eros Ascending is a fun, highly readable next-gen Bible for lovers of sacred sex. While Taoist sexual techniques supply the practical energetic methods, he rolls into one believable, continuous orgasm Kriya Yoga, Gurdjieff, tantric ecstacy, Jungian androgyny, Plato, and sexual communion with deep Earth Goddess. It’s loaded with practical ‘how-to’ tips and decades of amazing stories. He adroitly reverses Christianity’s demonization of sex by revealing the inherently erotic nature of Christ-cum-Solar Logos. An enlightening and entertaining must read.” —Michael Winn, coauthor with Mantak Chia of Taoist Secrets of Love : Cultivating Male Sexual Energy

“Taylor understands the role of Eros as creating interconnection. He unites man and woman, Eros and Psyche, spirit and nature, and heaven and earth, while seeding our hearts and minds with a sense that our true destiny lies in reclaiming for ourselves the beauty of love. A unique and original materwork. —Radmila Moacanin, PhD, author of Jung’s Psychology and Tibetan Buddhism : Western and Eastern Paths of the Heart

Eros Ascending” sharpens our focus on the power of loving consciously and intelligently. The book sweeps us into the twenty-first century with its breadth of vision and message of hope for true lovers everywhere. Destined to become a classic.” —Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstacy : The Path of Sacred Sexuality for Western Lovers

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